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Roasting Planks
Grilling Planks
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Grilled Asparagus Chicken
Flavoured with an Alder Wrap

Add Flavour and maisture with our
wraps for Grilling, Steaming, or Roasting.

Roasting Planks for oven cooking

Wrap lighter fare (seafood, cheese, fruits or vegetables) then grill, steam or bake to perfection!   Serve wrapped foods directly from grill, steamer or oven to your plate to enhance any meal.  Adds a delicious and subtle aromatic wood flavor to your food.  Pre-soak to prevent burning.  Keeps food moist and juicy.  Recipes included.. 12 wraps in each package.  Double up the wraps for larger food portions.

Grilling Planks
Cedar Wraps

Cedar Wraps With Prawns


Cedar Wraps
Solid piece-untreated western red cedar.

6" x 6"
Grillling Planks
Alder Wraps

Grillling Planks
Alder Wraps With Chicken


Alder Wraps
Solid piece - untreated northwest alder

6" x 6"



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