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Choosing a Wood
We make recommendations in several of our recipes, ‘Savory Flavors with Wood’ cookbook. However, any Nature’s Cuisine planks can be used to cook your favorite foods. To help you choose a plank, here is a description of different woods and their distinct flavors.

Western Red Cedar
Sweet spicy flavor blended with a mild smoky edge.
Western Red Cedar is, above all, a wood of exceptional beauty and durability. In its natural, unfinished state, it has a richly textured, tactile grain combined with a palette of warm, mellow tones ranging from light amber to deep honey brown. No man-made material can duplicate the depth of cedar's natural luster. It also remains subtly aromatic, and the characteristic fragrance of cedar adds another dimension to its universal appeal.
Excellent for all types of food; especially good with fish and vegetables
Western Maple
Sweet buttery flavor with a mild smoky layering.
Also known as Big Leaf or Pacific Coast Maple. Although maple sugar can be obtained from the sap of this variety it is neither as rich nor used as extensively as eastern maple to produce sugar and syrup. It is pale pinkish-brown to almost white in color; characterized by a close, fine grain, which is generally straight, (but sometimes curly grained) with a relatively coarse texture.
Excellent for cheese; also wonderful with all other types of foods.

Western Alder
Robust smoke flavor coupled with a light vanilla compliment.
Western Alder is the wood traditionally used in the northwest for smoking food. Because of its rich, pure smoke flavor it is known as the ‘preferred wood’ for smoking. Alder has a fine-close grain and is pale yellow to reddish – brown in color.
Traditionally used in the Pacific Northwest to smoke salmon and other fish; also great with vegetables, cheeses and pizza.

Rich smoky flavor with a mild bacon-like note.
Also known, as white or red heart hickory is a very hard and dense wood. As a result is burns slowly, produces a lot of heat and is best used for grilling and smoking. The aroma of burning green hickory wood has long been used to give smoked hams and cheeses their distinctive flavor. The sapwood of hickory is white, tinged with fine brown lines while the heartwood is pale to reddish brown.   Both are course-textured and the grain is fine, usually straight, but can be wavy.
Superb with meat, poultry, pizzas and breads.


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